Getting where you want to be is a tough gig. It always helps in documenting and writing down your trials. That is why here I will be journaling all my adventures as a young mom.

There will be laughter, crying, anxiety and every other possible emotion under the sun. Its all part of the way of the parent. I want to remind everyone that is reading that parenthood is no easy task and that choosing to be a parent is a very selfless act and demands appreciation for anyone choosing to go down the road of motherhood.

A lot of young parents seem to be confused many times with what needs to be done as a parent. What foods to give your baby, what time to bath them, what medicine is required when they get sick, what education is good, what is the best and safest baby products. These are all the unknowns to the new parents, many of these are answered online baby site and require just a little bit of reading.

Along with general baby information a parent(mother and or father) also want to hear about the nuances of begin a parent and that is what this site is for. I will document my day to day experience as a mommy.

I will be posting Mondays, Tuesdays and Fridays as these are the only time slot I have available to write on my blog.


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