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1.In vitro Anthelmintic activity of Wendlandia thyrsoidea leaves extracts against Pheretima posthuma 1-4
M. Aruna Sindhe, Yadav D. Bodke, R. Kenchappa
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2.Medicinal Plants of Assam, India: A Mini Review 5-10
Debosree Ghosh, Pratap Parida
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3.Estimation of inorganic constituents and evaluation of antimicrobial activity of Wendlandia thyrsoidea (R. and S.) leaves extracts 11-15
Yadav D. Bodke, M. Aruna Sindhe, R. Kenchappa, B. M. Vinoda
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4.Aloe vera its medicinal uses: A review 16-21
Dr. B. Nirmala Kumari, Dr. M. Sharmila
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5.Development and Validation of Stability-Indicating Impurity Profiling Method for the Carvedilol in API and Pharmaceutical Formulation 22-31
T. V. Raghava Raju
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6.Isolation and screening of lactic acid bacteria producing bacteriocin like inhibitory substance from soil 32-36
Abhay Tiwari, Neetigyata Pratap Singh, Garima Sharma, Shewta Dang, Sanjay Gupta, Reema Gabrani
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7.A comparison of the charlson comorbidity index and average cost utility in patients with diabetic comorbidities in india 37-41
Dr. Mohanraj Rathinavelu Mudhaliar,Mr. Siva Bharat Gavini, Mr. Nagarjuna Maddineni , Dr. Prakash V Diwan
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8.Itraconazole Method Validation in plasma using LC-MS/MS: An addendum to the full validation 42-49
Kashif Ul Haq, Kaushal Chandrulkar, Nitesh Kumar
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