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1.Asymmetric membrane osmotic capsule of HPMCK100 and CAP for in situ formation of delivery orifice 1-5
Ch. Praveen , T. Ramgopal, N. Rsajeshwar
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2.Modern and Unani concept of Suda (Headache); A Review 6-10
Dr Roohi Azam, Shafia Mushtaq, Azhar Jabeen, Shubrin Nisar, Umar Jahangir
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3.Pharmacognostic evaluation and determination of appropriate methodology for extraction of important bioactive compounds of Aerva sanguinolenta leaves 11-20
Sampat Kumar Kundu, Dr. Sumana Chatterjee Dr. Abhijit Sen Gupta
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4.Antidiabetic profile of CINNAMON powder extract in experimental Diabetic animals 21-25
Pusuloori Rajesh. S.Sharon Sonia. Vijayabhaskara Reddy. M. Shiva Kumar
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5.Synthesis, antibacterial, and molecular docking study of some novel 1,2,3-triazole derivatives 26-32
Suresh Seeka, Sirassu Narsimha, Savitha Jyostna T and N. Vasudeva Reddy
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6.Design and evaluation of chitosan film for transdermal delivery of an antidiabetic drug 33-42
Behin S, Preejesh, Punitha ISR
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7.Prothrombin time test, Phytochemical screening, Thin layer chromatographic study and Quantitative study of Calendula officinalis leaves 43-49
Kuntal Pal, Sampat Kumar Kundu, Dr. Manas Kumar Mandal, Dr. Tapas Kumar Kundu
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8.Delineation of selenoproteins (GPx1 and GPx3) in immune response activity by proteinprotein DOCKING 50-54
Nancy D, P. Indra Arulselvi
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9.Pyrimidine candidate as promising scaffold and their biological evaluation 55-69
Md. Jahangir Alam, Ozair Alam, Neelima Shrivastava, Md. Javed Naim and Perwaiz Alam
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10.A study on teratogenicity of lamotrigine in mice 70-76
Dr Tarannum Fatima Subhani, Dr D. Suryanarayana, Dr. Md Abu Nasar, Dr Md Arif Naseer
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